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Welcome to the new improved and up-rated news pages. For the technically minded we have replaced the old pound-shop sticky tape with 'Gaffa' tape and up-rated the part 40 (If you don't know what that is, you obviously have not been reading the Spanner II list!) to a reel of lacing cord. These simple alterations will make the pages load much quicker and the navigation has been improved to help you find your way around. Each story has a link to the next instalment in the saga, so now you can read them in chronological order. Just click the link back to the index if you want to find a particular story and start reading.

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I told you this would happen!

Here we are at a recent Meccano meeting - Say hello Sue!

Who are we?

My name is Ralph Laughton and by day I am a journalist and photographer. As this involves a lot of time sitting here tapping keys, I like to do something very different with my spare time. I have been a Meccano enthusiast my entire life, although a lot of that time my enthusiasm has been suppressed by ‘outside influences’ mainly work… Sue has taken an interest in my hobby and we are often seen together at meetings and exhibitions.

Sue also gets involved in the model building contributing ideas practical suggestions, and building her own models. You can read more about my Meccano story HERE. On these pages you can read about our Meccano adventures and the things we discover on the way

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2nd June 2012 RMG June Meeting|

23rd May 2012 Meccano at Chelsea|

5th-7th May 2012 TIMS Mecanuity 12|

28th April 2012 HTMC meeting|

10th April 2012 My Mum is still buying us Meccano!|

31st March 2011 Selmec meeting and the Secretary’s challenge|

17th March 2012 Hand loom anyone?|

12th March 2012 TIMS 21 part challenge|

6th March 2012 Rebirth of an old Meccano loom|

5th March 2012 Drift stand|

4rd March 2012 Time for a clock|

2nd March 2012 Rubber track drive|

1st March 2012 Time for an update...|

12th June 2011 Ball lifters|

2rd May 2011 New mulitimodel sets and parts|

30th April - 2nd May 2011 Meccanuity|

16th & 17th April 2011 The Magic Of Meccano at Kew Bridge Steam Museum|

9th April 2011 HTMC meeting|

2nd April 2011 SELMEC Spring Meeting|

23rd March 2011 Another new part |

27th February 2011
New Meccano
Turbo Racing Car

12th February 2011 TMS Meeting|

15th January 2011 SELMEC Meeting |

22nd December 2010 Dragsters and Racers |

6th November 2010 TIMS Meeting |

28th October 2010 Christmas in the High Street |

23rd October 2010 HTMC Meeting |

21st October 2010 Who goes to Wales in October? |

16th October 2010 SELMEC Exhibition |

9th October 2010 Westminster School - A small gathering, big models... |

2nd October 2010 RMG meeting - lots of new models to be seen |

11th September 2010 SELMEC autumn meeting - Cord but no cranes… |

4th September 2010 The Henley Gathering |

7th August 2010 TIMS Summer Meeting |

30th July 2010 We made the papers! |

23th July 2010 Ralph looks at an Xtreme set and more on the 25 model set |

2nd-4th July 2010 Skegnes 2010 |

23rd June 2010 Sue looks at the new 25 model set |

19th June 2010 We are the champions… |

6th June 2010 Meccano-built trunnion bender |

5th June 2010 The long drag to the RMG meeting and back… |

28th May 2010 1929 Steam engine gearing |

23rd May 2010 Bressingham Steam Museum Meccano display |

18th May 2010 New take on an old bending machine |

5th May 2010 Sue's hooked on nice looking Meccano... |

1st – 3rd May 2010 Meccanuity |

29th April 2010 A bridge too far…|

17-18 April 2010 Magic of Meccano at
Kew Bridge Steam Museum

29th March 2010 Handy Little motor/gear boxes |

27th March 2010 SELMEC meeting and more new models |

23rd March 2010 Sue's gone shopping... |

16th March 2010 New parts and sets… |

28th February 2010 Modifications to the Bi-plane flyer |

27th February 2010 A day out and a TIMS meeting |

25th February 2010 Flying Bi-planes 2 |

21st February 2010 Argos |

5th February 2010 Flying bi-planes... |

5th December 2009 NELMC Exhibition
What a palaver…

14th November 2009 TIMS meeting |

7th November 2009 National space Centre Exhibition |

24th October 2009 HTMC meeting |

17th October 2009 SELMEC Exhibition |

12 September 2009 SELMEC Autumn meeting |

5th September 2009 Henley Gathering 09 |

4th September2009 The night before Henley |

 22th August 2009 Pylon flyer and Computer trouble |

3rd-5th July 2009 Skegex 09 |

20th June 2009 SELMEC Summer meeting |

12th June 2009 Traction engine wheels and more... |

27th May 2009 Blocksetter and Blackpool! |

14th May 2009 New Meccano and hidden gem |

5th May 2009 Meccanuity 09 |

25th April 2009 HTMC meeting |

18th April 2009 The magic of Meccano, Kew |

4th April 2009 SELMEC Spring meeting |

12th March 2009 Look Mum, I'm in the paper! |

9th March 2009 Decision time |

28th February 2009 TIMS winter meeting |

21st February 2009 Building in earnest |

4th February 2009 Spanners! |

24th January 2009 SELMEC meeting - One more part |

15th January 2009 A trip to Somerset... |

4th January 2009 If George Ferris can build an observation wheel |

27th December 2008 Dealer cabinets - Are they like buses? |

4th December 2008 Early Christmas! |

24th November 2008 French dealer display Crane |

Link to SELMEC Video of Ralph |

8th November 2008 TIMS Meeting |


6th November 2008 M&S small kits and more... |

25th October 2008 Last minute decision (HTMC) |

11th October 2008 SELMEC 30 |

10th October 2008 The night before… |

6th September 2008 SELMEC Meeting |

30th August 2008 Henley Gathering |

20th August 2008 Ferris wheel - Sorted! |

11th August 2008 Pink Beetle! |

20th July 2008 Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to Bangor... |

6th July 2008 Skegness 2008 |

1st July 2008 Back from Ironbridge |

27th June 2008 1929 Steam Engine |

23rd June 2008 SELMEC Meeting |

13th June 2008 The story so far... |


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