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This website is dedicated to promoting the hobby to all. It is non-commercial and is not funded by anyone other than us. We buy and sell Meccano to increase our stocks sell off any surplus through our separate website: Ralph's Shop.

Interest in Meccano can be split into two main areas, building and collecting. Although it is true that you can combine both – and many people do, we are first and foremost builders. Having said that, as you will see reading our news items, Sue has an empathy with the collectors. Although I will not deliberately destroy a collectable item it has no appeal to me and I would rather pass it on to a collector in return for parts I feel happy using.

We enjoy building all sorts of models large or small, from plans or created by us. All models can be challenging and for me that is the fun. As soon as the model is finished it loses its appeal and I am itching to dismantle it. The usual plan is to build the model, photograph it, take it to a few meetings/shows and then dismantle it. The only models we keep assembled are our factory-built display models. Just keeping these assembled causes enough problems of storage! Display models are usually bought in poor condition and then refurbished using the original parts wherever possible.

We try to stay true to Frank Hornby’s original concept of using universal standard parts that can be assemble to build all sorts of different models. That means we do not modify parts to fit, preferring to find a Meccano solution to the problem. Having said that we will use replica and developed parts made by the present day manufactures. We will also have parts made where no such part exists so long as it falls into the ‘universal’ category.
One area that has changed dramatically over the years is motor technology and although Meccano motors are used in some of our models we do make use of the small efficient motor/gearboxes that are readily available today. You will find several references to different motors as you read on. We tell it, as it is, good or bad and share our experiences with these motors. For example, our modern French display crane models are fitted with motors that have plastic gears. Find out what happens when they get jammed HERE!

We are members of several clubs and societies both locally and far-flung and try to support as many shows and meetings as we can. You can follow our adventures on our NEWS pages.

The website is split into various sections. The NEWS pages are a chronological record of what we are doing in our Meccano world both at home and away. You will find accounts of our adventures visiting shows and meetings as well as what we are currently working on. The HELLO! page is about my own personal journey to where we are today. A selection of longer, more detailed descriptions of our model building and techniques can be found on the ARTICLE pages. The LINKS page is always going to be a work in progress so if you have any suggestions of LINKS or anything else you would like to say contact us via our CONTACT page.

I hope you enjoy our website



1929 Steam Wagon

My version of this model based on the instructions first published in the manual for the 1929 steam engine


Now see the video!

Steam Haggon

Click in the picture to see latest news on this model and a video of it running in full steam!


NELMC Challenge model

Mini-model Stockcar...


A modern Rocket...


In theory you can buy all the Meccano you need to build this model from the High Street. Click on the picture to read more


King-Ghidorah lives!

How? Where?

The King!

...Click on the picture to find out!


A cat from CQ...



Every now an then...
...some smart looking Meccano turns up that is crying out the be used!

Forge crane

Click on the picture to see the rest of the story


Yes, there is more to life than Meccano...

The brothers go fishing...

An amusing look at Ralph and Tim attempting to be anglers...



Latest updates can now
be found on our blog

What were
we blogging about this month last year?

Click the picture to see...


What's happening
in our Meccano world...

5th September 2015

The Henley Gathering

Details HERE!

See you there!


Meccano For sale!


Automatic reversing Mechanism...

More tram

The tram project moves on a stage.


Three from three
Not so rusty Rita...

Rusty Rita

Sue takes alook at the 3-model Multiset set and we build three new models from the parts...


James May Motorbike

James May MotorbikeClick on the Photograph for video and more pictures!


Look Mum,
no steam!

Running on air

How to run a meccano steam engine on compressed air.


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How to remove broken grub screws

Grub screw removal


Bending Machines

Plate rollers

When we started to refurbish our ex-display windmill it became apparent that the curved strips were in need of ‘smoothing’ as well as cleaning. After blowing the dust off of some old magazines and a bit of Google-time I came up with a design that was a combination of published ideas and the availability of parts. I can not lay claim to the basic design as it follows established principles. Most of the constructional details of my version can be seen in the photographs but here are a few notes and observations. Click HERE to go to the article


Excuse me... and you mate!


No, it is not rude. Click on the picture!


Plate bender

We are always interested in increasing our stock. If you have any Meccano, steam engines, or accessories
for sale
(any condition)


Smokie 2001-2012



e-mail Ralph

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CLICK on any of the pictures that appear on this page for more details!


Get out of there, I told you I'm driving!

I can see this is going to be a long weekend...

Click on the logo above to get the lastest news from the show!


New Space Quest set

The new Space Quest set has three new parts...


Say Goodbye Evolution...

...Hello new branding!


New 10 and 15 model sets...

New sets repackaged for the re-launch


Boxing clever!

More than just a new graphic design


He is here!

G15 KS will make his first public appearance at SkegEx 15 next week...


Thunderbirds are GO!

Meccano's best kept secret...


First pictures of the new models and packaging

A selection of official Meccano promotional pictures of the much awaited new range of sets


New small models from Evolution 4x4 set

More new simple models from a current set


Back on the road...

A new 'old' Steam Wagon!


Latest Evolution set...

The first set to appear in the UK with the new Hex driver!


Yuck! Bad paint...

But luckily not bad news...


Rusty nuts?

Find out how we made these look a whol lot better - Click!


Mini Grader from new sets...

Take two small sets and build a bigger 'small' model!


Building Tower Bridge...

Ralph builds the latest Tower Bridge model


Hello! Who are you?

Meet G15 KS's little brother!


The new Tower Bridge set...

...Look at all those parts!
Click HERE to see an illustrated parts list


My name explained...

What does G15 KS mean? Find out, click here!



They only gave me three fingers so a high five is a digit too far for me but who cares... You can see lots of videos of me in America making my First TV appearances if you click HERE!


More from Toy Fair 2015

Click here for more details...


London Toy Fair 2015

Wanna buy a crane, mate? Soon you will be able to! Click HERE to find out more...


LOOK! New tools...

...and a new 3-model set. CLICK HERE!



Click here for more details...


Eyes of blue, 4ft tall...

Here is a video from the launch at CES 2015


New Meccano Robotics Announced...

Click to see video!

More news soon...


It's been a funny year!

Find out why Sue is wearing Victorian clothes... CLICK!



London Meccano Club

Do you live in or around London or are you planning a visit to London?

If you would like to know what is going on in and around London for whatever reason there is only one place to go. A real time guide to clubs, meetings and events in and around the London area can be viewed by clicking HERE. There is also a downloadable guide for you to print and distribute as you wish.


A full nationwide list of Meccano events can be found HERE



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