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Welcome to the articles page...

Here you will find all sorts of articles about Meccano. Some are about models we have built and other are hints and tips that we have picked up along the way and want to pass on. Others are by our friends and have been included here because we think they will be useful to others.

We will be adding articles from time to time so keep an eye out. So have a look around this page and if there is anything that interests you just click on a picture or underlined heading to be shown the article.


Some articles are stored in a .pdf format and you will need Adobe reader to download them. You can get the reader free of charge by clicking on the icon below.

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Some useful bits from our NEWS pages


Trunnion bender
As featured in the ISM magazine No.61 September 2010 - Click on the picture Below to go to the article

Trunnion Bender


Trunion Bender Spanners

A selection of useful spanners Sue and I use all the time for building. simple and easy to make and a good way to use up all those spanners we all collect. Click on the picture below for details.



What goes around...

ruleSet 7


Articles index


Christmas challenge 2010
Ralph's Derrick crane and
Sue's Fireplace

Added: December 2010Derrick

For the past few years the Internet Meccano e-mail list, Spanner II, has run a Christmas challenge. This year the rules of the challenge are simple; to make a model using no more than 30 parts excluding nuts, bolts, washers, spring clips and cord. After a few false starts and lots of deliberation I decided to build a small Derrick crane, the result can be seen here.


Nano Roundabout

Added: September 2010
Nano Roundabout

Earlier this year, Meccano released a collection of six Nano kits, that we featured near the bottom of THIS PAGE. These Nano-models are built using a minimum of parts and all the models are produced only using zinc parts. Having managed to get our hands on a set when they first appeared we took them to a couple of shows where they were a bit of a novelty.


French Display Cranes

Added: July 2009Sue and Crane

This story starts with a buy-it-now listing on eBay. Indeed you may well have seen it yourself. The price asked appeared to be a bit on the high side and the collection only restriction reduced the interest considerably. It was listed twice or even three times without a successful bid. Eventually I contacted the seller and struck a deal... 


Photographing Meccano Models

Added: January 2009


We were asked how we shoot the photographs that appear on this site and to pass on any tips. Let me say right from the start that we are not ‘professional’ photographers. Photography is only a part of what we do. This article is not intended to be THE definitive answer to photographing Meccano; it is simply how we do it. I will try and add more detail to these pages as time allows.


Alan Berman's methods can be found HERE.


A job for the WinterJUNK!

We seem to have accumulated a large selection of tatty Meccano over the years. There comes a time when something has to be done about it...

Coming soon we will be telling you how we are getting on with this lot!


More articles...


Funicular railway
Added December 2008

The South East London Meccano Club (SELMEC) set a secretary’s challenge for each meeting. For the September 2008 meeting the challenge was to build a model using only parts numbered 1 -50. The idea got out of hand and before we knew it we were up to our elbows in zinc strips and short bolts!

Funicular Railway


Bending Machines

Plate rollers

When we started to refurbish our ex-display windmill it became apparent that the curved strips were in need of ‘smoothing’ as well as cleaning. After blowing the dust off of some old magazines and a bit of Google-time I came up with a design that was a combination of published ideas and the availability of parts. I can not lay claim to the basic design as it follows established principles. Most of the constructional details of my version can be seen in the photographs but here are a few notes and observations.


Makin' Tracks

Track link

When I first saw the pictures of Meccano-made track in Bert Love’s little book, Meccano Constructors Guide, I was fascinated. I sat down and started to produce a parts list. My! I am going to need to go shopping! Apart from the 2½ inch flat girders (Part No. 103f), of which I would need 48 to build a pair of the smaller tracks shown, all the other parts are common. It is just the numbers required that is causing a problem.


Contact us: Ralph or Sue



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