The new Meccano shockabsorber (top) compared with the Stuart Borrill unit (centre) and the Nikko version (bottom)


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23rd June 2010 Sue looks at the new 25 model set


The New 25 model ‘Multimodel’ set just landed on the doorstep. I was eagerly looking forward to its arrival as Meccano have obviously been following our models of late and decided to adopt our preferred colour scheme, red and silver. First impressions are good there is nowhere near as much paint applied to the pieces as I have reported recently.

New part

The set includes a pair of big chunky coil spring over damper shock absorbers. These are larger than the Nikko units that we are all used to seeing making them a lot more useful for the larger scale models. The shocker itself is moulded in bright orange plastic and is supplied ready assembled. They work well and the springs are stiff enough to carry weight but don’t require lots of pressure to compress them.

The new unit is bigger than I thought it would be


The red paint finish has a slight sparkle to it that his nibs frowned at. Although I quite liked it. It is a shame that Meccano seem to think that each set has to be a different colour. I understand the marketing sense of this as the sets are aimed at the mass toy market and not at us Meccano nuts. However this is yet another shade of red that is close to but not the same as some of the other recent releases. One thing that started a debate between us was the silver coloured bent braced girder (P/N C371). I had no problem with it being painted but Ralph was disappointed it was not zinc plated.

The box, carfully crushed by the Royal Mail - Thanks!

Extra models on the web

As with the 10 model set recently introduced, see HERE, Full instructions for all 25 models are shown on the web in the form of a 100 page PDF document. The set contains an abridged version of the instruction manual running to 40 pages and giving instructions for 8 models. In the past, sets contained instructions for some models and then just pictures of the rest leaving the user to work it out for themselves. The full instructions for this set can be found on the Meccano website HERE.

I passed the set over to Ralph who made up the model illustrated on the box lid and the first model in the manual, a sort of buggy. The model made up to a good size and has plenty of play value even without the motor running. It has full working rack and pinion steering that is smooth and positive. I think this new generation of French made models has pushed the bar higher and we are looking forward to seeing the new Xtreme sets. However I am not so sure that I am all together happy with the idea that Meccano has to be pink and sparkly. This is a quote from the Meccano website:

“Meccano’s popular Construction range will see a dramatic new addition in 2010 – a glittery pink construction tool box!  This range has proved to be a hit with 5+ boys and Meccano is confident that by adding a touch of pink and a sprinkle of glitter, it’ll be a winner with the girls too.  The sparkly tool box will contain plenty of pink parts to build a number of ladylike vehicles.”

Yuk!….More zinc and red please!




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Great model, plenty of play value