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23rd June 2008
SELMEC Meeting

Last Saturday saw the June meeting of my local club, SELMEC. I went back to the club for the first time in twenty years back in March. This time, armed with one of Sue's infamous cherry cakes, I thought I was in for an easy ride. This however was not to be. Frank Paine (our Chairman) with no prior warning, I might add, suddenly announced that two volunteers were required for kitchen duty. A tail and donkey style lottery was executed using the attendance book and Frank's finger as substitutes for the afore mentioned donkey. Along with Alan Wenbourne, I got landed with the washing up… I only go to the meeting to avoid household chores. The moral of this story is not to take cake, and sign the book in someone else’s name!

Seriously though, I was more than happy to help out with the washing up. A small price to pay for all the tea and cakes provided and served up by Chris’s wife.

The rubber band racer
It looked the part - just had no go!

After the shock result at TIMS in May, it was time to throw down the gauntlet and enter the rubber-band challenge. A vehicle was designed and built by Team Laughton and was transported across the wilds of South London to the venue in Eltham.

Full of confidence I primed the state of the art propulsion system (Post Office red rubber band as per the rules of this month’s challenge) and let the mean machine loose on the unsuspecting crowd… it came last! Oh well can’t win ‘em all.

The works
How it didn't work, oh well, next time...

I also took the bending machines with me for their last airing of the year and a collection of the Design Starter kits that Sue and I have been building over the past few weeks. These things are supposed to be for kids 8+. Maybe we needed an eight year old as we were having trouble with some of them!



See me make a fool of myself HERE!


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